What About Bob?


The beginning…

I grew up with June and Ward Cleaver.  Actually I was Wally, being the oldest of three.  My Dad was John Hamm.  He was in charge of advertising for a big corporate entity, not in NYC, but in Richmond.  We all became media children.  We gathered in front of the TV and the commercials were just as important as the show.  We heard critiques of each thirty-second segment.  The news was not CNN. It was Huntley and Brinkley, and then John Chancellor, and then Tom Brokaw.  Now you see why I just adore HBO’s The Newsroom. 

But during this time I lived for game shows.  Three networks wall-to-wall 10 in the morning till 4 in the afternoon, with a brief timeout in the middle of the day for the soaps. I can name them all. I can name dozens whose names you’ve  never heard. Monty Hall? I was watching him long before Let’s Make a Deal.  Can you name that one? My closet was full with the home versions of all of these games.

Oh, and then this.  The Beatles landed.  I had been listening to and loving folk music.  The Limeliters, The New Christy Minstrels, The Serendipity Singers. And then, these four on the Ed Sullivan show.  All I cared about was The Beatles and The Dave Clark Five. I listed to WLEE 1480 around the clock. I wanted to learn how to play.  I never did. Much. But in the end I did find radio.

With all of this as the models for my life, I studied hard and did well in high school. Like I was supposed to.  Went to college, like I was supposed to.  Graduated (ah, there’s a story or two) according to plan.  Got a job, got married. Right on schedule. Had a son. Quite a blessing.  Seven years, changed jobs. Seven years, changed jobs.  And so it goes.

Looking for a more serious side?

Today I am a professor by way of financial institutions and information technology.  When I am not teaching, coaching, or recording the podcast, I am carving out time to write fiction, enjoy music, and be a huge sports fan.

Looking for even more serious?

Dr. Bob Nolley is a leader and educator that is committed to the success of businesses and individuals through coaching. The strategy used to help executives, managers, team leaders, employees, and individuals is based on the creation of an environment that allows them to remove themselves from the pressing task list of the day and give thoughtful consideration and reflection on their experiences and challenges. In doing this they find a much greater probability of better choices that create alternative actions leading to successful outcomes.

Bob uses decades of experiences as a leader in diverse industries including financial services, information technology, and higher education. His scholarly research in leadership and organizational behavior provide a lens to use in the examination of this experience. At the core of his approach is helping others find a way as managers or as individuals to achieve their goals.

Areas of specialization include leadership development, business consulting, emotional intelligence, and negotiation and conflict management. Services are available through executive, personal, and online channels. To reach Dr. Nolley, contact him here.

Thanks for finding your way this far.  Let’s walk together for a while.